Moral Reconation Therapy

This is a program designed to help raise the level of moral reasoning. All clients who attend D7 Treatment have been screened using either the LSI or Y-LSI and the scores on that put them at a medium to high risk of committing another crime without some sort of intervention. MRT helps clients focus on finding happiness in life by committing to right goals. This is accomplished through attending a 1.5-2 hour group a week (length of group depends on size) and working through 12 steps to climb the freedom ladder. There will be a workbook provided and clients will be expected to work on the steps outside of group time and come prepared to present in the group.

1.To begin the escape from difficulties and problems in your life, and to take control of your life, you must admit you are the source of the problems in your life. You must admit that you have been living your life in disloyalty.

2. Choose to trust yourself and how this program can help you. Also choose to trust others in the same situation and have faith that you can overcome your problems.

3. You must become adaptable to circumstances and conditions in which you find yourself. You must come to understand your beliefs often get in the way of your happiness and you must learn how the world operates. You must learn there is wisdom in following rules.

4. You must fully assess your present life and become totally aware of all things that make up your life.

5. You must assess all the relationships in your life and start working to repair them and the injury you have caused others.

6. You must begin helping other people, especially those who will give you nothing in return.

7. You must make goals and then act and think in accordance with them.

8. You must give up always being right about the way the world is and the way the world should be.

9. Never give up. Never concede failure. Concede mistakes and always learn from them.

10. Come to recognize your negative, unethical attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Recognize them and then work to systematically eliminate them.

11. Become firm in your conviction to ethical behavior. You must become more involved with other people in both meeting your own goals and helping them to meet theirs.

12. Reassess your life’s master plan with the purpose to become the best person you can be.